Professional Dairy Equipment Manufacturers

Professional Dairy Equipment Manufacturers

Are you seeking to venture into dairy value addition? You will definitely need the right equipment to succeed in this business. The equipment has to be of the highest quality and be able to perform as expected. At Phymac Ltd, we are professional dairy equipment manufacturers located in Ruiru Kenya. We have the experience and expertise to make high quality dairy equipment for both small firms and big firms.

Professional dairy equipment manufacturers- our products

Below are some of the dairy equipment/products we make

Milk ATMs- if you are interested in venturing in milk vending business using a milk dispenser then we are the right partner for you. We make top quality milk ATMs in different capacities. Our customers have come to rely on our superior products and this is reflected in the referrals and return clients we get.

Professional Dairy Equipment ManufacturersMilk pasteurizers- because of the bacteria present in milk that can make it spoil quickly or because of the bacteria that causes brucellosis that can also be present in raw milk from an infected cow, it is important to pasteurize the milk in order to kill these bacteria. It has been proven that heating milk to only 600 Celsius for a few minutes is enough to kill the bacteria.

However direct heating or boiling milk in the traditional way is not the best approach especially for milk that is to be transported or for selling in the mass market. That is why a pasteurizer is important because instead of directly heating the milk it has a water or steam jacket that is heated and then heat is transferred to the inner tank that holds the milk. This prevents milk from burning and also retains the taste of the milk. Also since the milk is not heated to high temperatures of like 1000 Celsius, it retains its complete nutritional value.

Chillers & cooling tanks- since milk is a really perishable product, it needs to be cooled at very low temperatures that are not conducive for bacteria in the milk that make it go bad to survive. Research shows that milk should be cooled to 40 Celsius to prevent the bacteria from being active.

Milk storage tanks- milk after it has been collected or pasteurized, it needs to be stored temporarily. It can either be stored in a refrigerated room or at room temperature depending with the duration because after a certain time if not refrigerated/chilled it can get spoilt. Get a high quality milk storage tank made with food grade stainless steel from us.

dairy equipmentWhy buy from us

Buying your dairy equipment from Phymac Ltd has a number of benefits including but not limited to the following:

KEBS certified. Phymac Ltd is a KEBS licenced company and therefore our products meets all the KEBS requirements. Don’t gamble with your money by buying from manufacturers whom you are not assured will make you the right product that serves you well for a long time and not pose an injury risk to the users.

1 year warranty on products. Because our products meet the highest KEBS standards and we are confident about their performance, we give you a 1 year warranty on them. The warranty covers you from incurring repairing or replacement costs in case of the equipment malfunctioning.

Countrywide delivery. We have partnered with leading courier services providers in the country to be able to deliver our products to different parts of the country.

After sale service. Another benefit you get to enjoy for buying from us is after sale service. Because equipment need repair and maintenance due to normal use day by day, we are available to offer professional servicing whenever needed. As our customer you get priority when assigning technicians and also some discounted rates.

Buy dairy equipment from us today

If you are in the market for any dairy equipment kindly get in touch with us today. You can WhatsApp us, call us, send an email, fill the contact form or leave a comment below. We promptly respond to our clients whenever they get in touch with us.

Alternatively you can visit our showroom in Kihunguro stage Ruiru, next to Shell Petrol Station Kihunguro along Thika Superhighway. You can also search for us in google or follow the google map at the bottom of this page.

We look forward to serving you.

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