Milk ATMs

Milk ATMs

At Phymac Ltd, we believe in offering the best quality equipment for our customers regardless of whether they need it for personal use or business use. In that regard, we manufacture milk ATMs of the highest quality in the market. This is as a result of many years of being in this industry.

Why buy Milk ATMs from Phymac Ltd

Kenya Dairy Board approved milk ATMs

The Kenya Dairy Board in collaboration with ministry of livestock and fisheries and other stake holders that also include: Smallholder Dairy Development Programme (SDCP), Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute & Dairy Training Institute has set up the Quality Assurance Guide for Dairy Milk Dispensers. This is what we use to guide us in manufacturing milk ATMs that will be acceptable in the market.

Top quality milk ATMs

It’s not just about following the above mentioned guide that matters to us, we have our own strict quality checklist that we adhere to. The guide mentioned above might guide on main components but for us we want to stick to an overall quality policy. This helps us manufacture high quality milk ATMs that last for a long time.

1 year warranty

Our quality guarantee is supported by a 1 year warranty we give on all milk ATMs you purchase from us. You can therefore rest assured that you are buying high quality milk ATMs that will last you a long time without issues. This also helps your business keep operating without interruptions as a result of breakdowns which can lead to huge losses due to no sales or spoilt milk.

Countrywide delivery

Whichever part of Kenya you are in we can deliver there. We have partnered with some of the leading courier services providers with a countrywide reach to enable us deliver to our clients in different parts of the nation. We also deliver to major towns across East Africa.

Password protected

Another advantage of our milk ATMs is that they come with a password protected PLC. The PLC helps you calibrate prices and preserve sales records. Unless one has the password they are not able change prices or access the sales records. This helps you easily employ someone to operate it for you in your absence without fear of being cheated.

Order a milk ATM from us today

Are you in the market for a top quality milk ATM? Place your order with us today. You can contact us through any of the means available for you like calls, WhatsApp, email, filling the contact form or leaving a message in the message box.