best cooking oil ATMs in Kenya

Cooking Oil ATMs

We are the leading manufacturers of cooking oil ATMs in Kenya with more than 10 year experience in the market. This has enabled us to be the most preferred brand among others in the market. Since our inception, we have managed to be the trend setter in the market.

Why cooking oil ATMs from Phymac Ltd

Quality guarantee

When you buy a cooking oil ATM from us one thing you are guaranteed of is top quality. To enable us to make the best quality products we ensure we get the best quality materials and components. The body is made up of boards of high quality wood.

Why wooden board you may ask? Wooden boards are poor conductors of heat so they are better at maintaining the right temperatures that are conducive for the oil to remain in liquid form even in cold conditions. They act as an insulation again the cold so that the oil remains in liquid form so it can be easily pumped out.

1 year warranty

Our quality guarantee is not just by word of mouth but is supported by a warranty. We give a 1 year warranty on all cooking oil ATMs you buy from us.

Countrywide delivery

Are you outside Nairobi in any part of Kenya? No problem, we deliver to different parts of Kenya and across the East Africa countries. We use reliable courier services that deliver to your doorstep or the nearest place to you.

Password protected

Our cooking oil ATMs come with a password protected PLC unit. This is a digital control unit that you use to calibrate the prices. It’s also very useful in keeping the sales data secure from manipulation which in turn helps you do accurate sales reconciliation. Only the person with the password of the unit can adjust prices or view the sales records including deleting them.

This means your employee can’t steal from you by deleting sales records. They can’t also adjust prices to a higher or lower level.

Order your cooking oil ATM from us today

Are you in the market for a good cooking oil ATM? Get one from us today. Ours are of the highest quality and we also deliver to your doorstep. Get in touch with us via call/WhatsApp, email, contact us form or comment box in this page.