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Factors that determine cost of constructing a swimming pool in Kenya

Size- the size of the swimming pool is a key determinant of its cost even without considering other factors. This is because the size determines the amount of materials to be used, duration it takes to build as well as manpower required. Therefore the bigger the size the higher the cost of building the swimming pool. This one of the main considerations when trying to figure out how much does it cost to build a swimming pool in Kenya.swimming pool construction

Type- another major thing that must be established to help determine how much does it cost to build a swimming pool in Kenya is the type of the swimming pool. There are different types of swimming pools one can opt for. Since they all require different techniques, at times different materials, the cost also varies regardless of the other factors. Some swimming pools require unique materials and customizations which affects the cost.

Materials to be used- as indicated above, different types of swimming pools might need different materials. For this reason the type of materials used will also affect the final cost of the swimming pool. Some pools with unique features might require special/specific materials. Some of these materials might add to the final cost of the swimming pool. It is therefore very important that we establish what type of swimming pool you need so we can know the materials needed and as a result give you the right figure.

Intended use- the intended use of a swimming pool is another factor that determines what will be the final cost of building a swimming pool. A hotel swimming pool will cost different from a private home swimming pool. A public facility swimming pool like a school or sports facility will also cost different from any other pool. This is because each needs to be built in a particular way that is suitable for its intended use. This therefore means that some features of each will be different from the other and this in turns leads to difference in cost even if the other aspects might be the same.

Suitability/nature of ground/space to occupy the pool- in some cases, the ground might not be very suitable for a swimming pool and some prior work must be done to ensure it’s suitable. For example if the location is rocky, sloppy, with roots that might affect the structure over time etc. determining this beforehand is therefore very important.

Before we answer the question how much does it cost to build a swimming pool in Kenya and give you the right quote, we need to do a site visit to determine the above mentioned factors. This gives us a good overview of what you want and what’s required.

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