where to buy high quality water station equipment in Kenya

Where to Buy High Quality Water Station Equipment in Kenya

Are you planning to start a water vending business in your estate or town or shopping centre? You need the right equipment. For your success and long term survival, you should acquire top quality machinery from a reputable manufacturer. In this post we will share where to buy high quality water station equipment in Kenya. You don’t have to gamble and waste your money on a manufacturer who will overcharge you and/or sell you low quality water station equipment.

Features of high quality water station equipment

There are a few thing you should look out for when buying water station equipment:

KEBS approved PLC- a PLC is a very important component in a water dispenser. It helps you dispense the right amount of water according to what the client has paid for. However a low quality PLC might fail to communicate with the pump or even send the wrong figure to the pump. That is why buying a water dispenser fitted with a KEBS approved PLC is very important.

Made with stainless steel– stainless steel is very ideal for handling foods and beverages because ideally it doesn’t rust. The body should therefore be made with stainless steel. However for storage tanks, it has to be food grade stainless steel because there are types of stainless steel that rust because of their metal composition. Stainless steel grade 304 is the most ideal especially for the storage tanks.

Ability to dispense different capacity as per client needs- if you sell water in small quantities, you should be able to dispense according to the amount the client has. Ensure that your water dispenser can dispense different amounts of water as per the client requirements.

Comes with warranty- a warranty is a good indicator that the item you are buying is of high quality. When buying any water station equipment ensure that it has a 1 year warranty as a standard.

best quality water station equipmentWhere to buy high quality water station equipment

Phymac Ltd is a market leader and a KEBS approved manufacturer of high quality business equipment. If you are searching for the right place where to buy high quality water station equipment in Kenya then your search is satisfied. You can be assured any equipment you buy from us meets the highest KEBS standards.

Why buy water station equipment from us

1 year warranty– because we have great confidence in our products, we give a 1 year warranty on them. We are not afraid that they might break down anyhow even when no one has messed up with them.

Countrywide delivery- another advantage of buying from us is that you get the equipment delivered at your preferred location across Kenya. We have partnered with some leading courier services providers with a countrywide network.

After sale service- we value your success and want to see that you don’t close down or loose revenue because the equipment has broken down and no one is there to offer repair and maintenance services. We are available to offer on demand and with priority after sale services to our clients.

Free installation and commissioning- when you buy water station equipment from us and you are just starting, we offer free installation and commissioning. We ensure that the equipment is set up and running well so that you can begin generating revenue immediately.


water stationsGet in touch with us if you are searching where to buy high quality water station equipment in Kenya

Have you been searching where to buy high quality water station equipment in Kenya? You have come to the right place. We are a KEBS approved business equipment/machinery manufacturing company.

You can get in touch with us via call, WhatsApp, email, contact us form or leaving a comment here below. Alternatively you can visit our showroom in Ruiru Kihunguro stage next to Shell petrol station kihunguro. See the google map at the footer.

We look forward to serving you.

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