where to buy a good food grade pump

Food Grade Pumps

As a leading manufacturer of milk ATMs and salad ATMs, we know the importance of having the right components for such equipment. One of the most critical components in these equipment is the pump. However at times getting the right pump can be a tricky affair. That is what led us to endeavor to help our customers find the right food grade pumps that are of the highest quality.

Why buy food grade pumps from Phymac Ltd

Kenya Dairy Board approved pumps

When it comes to handling milk, Kenya Dairy Board is very strict on that owing to its perishable nature and the fact that it’s food. The equipment that handles milk has to meet the highest standards as provided for in the Quality Assurance Guide for Dairy Milk Dispensers. One of the main components they are strict on is the pump. It has to be of the highest quality but it might be hard to tell which the right one is.

That is why at Phymac we are stockists and suppliers of Kenya Dairy board approved food grade pumps.

Highest quality you will find in the market

Though there might be several Kenya Dairy Board approved food grade pumps, not all of them are of the same quality. At Phymac Ltd we only deal with the highest quality food grade pumps. If you are in the market for a high quality KDB approved food grade pump you came to the right place.

1 year warranty

To cement the fact that our pumps are of the highest quality, they come with a 1 year warranty. This should give you confidence that you are buying a top quality food grade pump that is guaranteed to give you long term service.

Countrywide delivery

Regardless of which part of the country you are, we are able to deliver it to you thanks to the countrywide courier services providers. We have partnered with reliable courier services provider with the capability to reach all parts of Kenya as well as major towns across East Africa.

Order food grade pumps from us today

Are you in the market for a top quality food grade pump that is Kenya Dairy Board approved? Get in touch with us today through the various means available. You can contact us via call/WhatsApp, email, contact us form or leaving a comment on this page.

Phymac is committed to ensuring that milk handling equipment we deal in meet all the requirements of KDB as stipulated on their guidelines.