Water Purifiers

Water Purifiers

Phymac Ltd is the market leader in locally assembled/manufactured water purifiers. With over 10 years experience in the industry, you are guaranteed of quality machines that will serve all your needs regardless of whether you are a big water consumer of a big one. We deal with clients cutting across different industries.

Some of the industries that use our water purifiers include:

  • Water vending businesses
  • Beverage manufacturing industries
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Hospitals for dialysis procedures
  • Chemical manufacturing plants
  • Distillation/alcohol manufacturing plants etc.

Why buy water purifiers from Phymac Ltd

Best quality in the market

When it comes to quality, Phymac water purifiers are unmatched. We deal in water purifiers designed to handle different sources of water with different concentration of impurities and pollutants. Some of the water impurities are actually very essential because they include important minerals needed by our bodies. However as good as they may be, excessive consumption of the same can actually have some negative effects.

That is why it’s very important to purify water to ensure no harmful pathogens, chemicals, metals etc and ensure only the required composition of the minerals is retained in the water. This means you need a good quality water purifier and that is what you get from us.

1 year warranty

Our water purifiers come with a 1 year warranty. This should give you peace of mind that you are actually dealing with a genuine product. It also assures you that it will last you and in case of any issue during the warranty period you will be accorded the necessary service free of charge.

Countrywide delivery

Phymac handles clients from different parts of the country. We have partnered with reliable courier service providers with a countrywide reach. This helps us serve customers from different parts of the country as well as across East Africa major towns.

After sale service

We extend our engagement with our clients beyond the sale by offering them discounted and timely after sale services. If your water purifier breaks down for one reason or another, we are able to offer you the necessary assistance within a short time to ensure you don’t stay not operating for a long time which might be costly.

We know the cost of operational disruptions and the reason why we act fast whenever you need our assistance.

Customized water purifiers

Do you prefer your water purifier to be adapted to your unique business needs? Don’t worry; we are able to customize one for you so that it works how you need it to work. Our experienced and qualified team of technicians will customize it just the way you need it to be.

Buy water a purifier from us today

If you are in the market for an ideal water purifier get in touch with us today. We have several means of contacting us: call/WhatsApp, email, comment box or filling the contact us form.

We are ready to serve you as per your unique needs.