How To Make Money In 2022 From A Cooking Oil ATM Side Hustle Business

How To Make Money In 2022 From A Cooking Oil ATM Side Hustle Business

It’s a new year and many people are looking to start a business that can generate extra income for them. If you are one of those who want to start a new business this year you are in good company. We would like to propose to you a simple and affordable business idea that you can start and make good extra income from it. We will be discussing how to make money in 2022 from a cooking oil ATM side hustle business.

The business idea we would want to propose to you is reselling cooking oil also known as salad oil using a cooking oil ATM machine. It is a business that we know if you are located at the right place with a good population and where your business premises is visible then you are assured of making good sales on a day.

How to make money in 2022 from a cooking oil ATM side hustle business- requirements

Let us now look at what you require to successfully start and operate this business.

A salad ATM

A salad ATM is the most important equipment that you will invest in. It is what you need to be able to sell cooking oil at different amounts regardless of what amount of money the customer has. Before going out there and just purchasing any cooking oil ATM that you come across you need to consider the following:

  • The cost- ATM cost consideration is one of the most important decisions that you have to make when investing in this business. Avoid buying cheap cooking oil ATMs that you are not guaranteed will serve you well. Some of them are really cheap because they are made of poor quality components that in the long run break down easily and make you end up incurring more money than you could have spent if you bought a high quality salad oil ATM from us. Go for an ATM that is not very expensive but also not very cheap. Ensure that the ATM meets the highest quality standards. We make KEBS approved salad oil ATM machines.
  • Warranty period- the other important consideration to make is if the salad oil ATM comes with a warranty cover. We give a one year warranty on all cooking oil ATMs that you buy from us.
  • After-sale services- when buying a cooking oil ATM inquire from your seller if they offer after-sale services in case you need some repair and maintenance. Sometimes even with good care the machine might need to be repaired or a component to be replaced. If your seller cannot guarantee you that they offer after sales services please avoid buying from them.
  • If the manufacturer can deliver to your address- you should also know from your seller if they are able to deliver it to your location or it’s you to take care of that. Sometimes it can save you a lot of hassle if the supplier is able to deliver it to your address.
  • If it has a food grade pump- this is another very important consideration to make. It is recommended that machines that handle food items should have a food grade pump. Though not necessary for a cooking oil ATM, you never know if the government authorities might start requiring all cooking oil ATMs to have one like they did with milk ATMs. Sometimes the difference between a food grade pump and a non-food grade pump is not that much. You can request your manufacturer to use a food grade pump instead of the other regular pumps.

A good location

The other very important consideration to make when setting up a cooking oil ATM business side Hustle is the location. Business location can make or break your business. It can determine success or failure. Ensure that you are setting up your business at a very convenient location. Consider the following in a location that you choose:

  • Accessibility- how accessible is the business premises? It should be very accessible to potential customers. This means it should be on the front side of the business premises, not at the back.
  • Available public amenities- it’s also important to consider the public amenities like roads, electricity, water, drainage etc.
  • Rental cost- since this is not a very high income generating investment that makes huge profits per day you should not go for a business premises that has high rental costs. Ensure that the cost is manageable and at the end of the month you are not left counting losses because you have used a lot of money on rent.
  • Size of the premises- the size of the business premises should be determined by what you intend to sell. If you’re just intending to sell cooking oil only then you don’t need a big space. However, if you are intending to incorporate other products in your shop then you should go for a premises that can accommodate all that you plan to sell. Otherwise you will have the problem of needing to shift when you want to expand your business. You might not get another convenient and favorable business premises when shifting. And since you had already established regular customers who know where your shop is, they might not find it convenient for them to come follow you to your new business location. Unless you are lucky to get a new business premises close to where you have been operating from.
  • Proximity to other businesses- you will realize that customers tend to go by where there are other business that offer different products or services that they need. Find a a business premises where there are other businesses that clients regularly visit. This means you can always target clients when they are coming to buy other products or services. It also helps you to build good relations with other businesses around which can be very beneficial when you want to lobby for a favorable business environment or improvement of the public amenities that might be in deplorable conditions. It also helps you have bargaining power with your landlord so that they can improve on the services they offer.

A reliable supplier

Suppliers are people who can also make or break your business. If you have unreliable suppliers you will be having a difficult time meeting the needs of your clients. Look for more than one reliable supplier that you can be getting your stock from. To be on the safe side ensure that you have sufficient buffer stock for your product. Having a buffer stock of at least 2 weeks can really save you a lot of pain and disappointment.

Capital of less than 100,000 Kenya Shillings

The other most important consideration to make is how much capital you need for the cooking oil ATM side hustle business. The good thing with this type of business you don’t need more than 100,000 Kenyan shillings. With with a capital of 100,000 Kenyan shillings you are able to buy a good quality cooking oil ATM as well as sufficient stock and also take care of the business licences. This amount can also take care of your business rent requirements if you just need a small space for the cooking oil ATM machine. However if you need a big space where you can also sell other products in addition to the cooking oil, then this amount might not be enough. On the other hand it also depends with how much rent that particular area businesses pay. Some locations are just cheap even if the space is big.

How to make money in 2022 from a cooking oil ATM side hustle business- final word

After making all the necessary preparations and getting all the requirements you are now ready to set up the business and start operating. Once the business has started running operating you will be able to learn more on the job on areas that you can improve so that you can be able to grow or scale up your business. With time you might realize that you may need to add other products and capture away clients who come to buy from you and then go to buy those other products elsewhere. Always be open to improving your business especially in aspects that can add to your income.

Get a high quality cooking oil ATM from us

Are you interested in this business idea? Do you feel it’s a business idea that you can implement? Then one of the things that you need is cooking oil ATM. Get a high-quality KEBS approved cooking oil ATM from us. We are market leaders in the manufacturing of KEBS standard cooking oil ATMs.

Get in touch with us today if you need a reliable high quality cooking oil ATM. You can reach us through email, phone call, filling out the contact us form, WhatsApp or leaving your comment below.

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