where to buy a good cooking oil ATM

Where to Buy a Good Cooking Oil ATM

If you are considering starting a cooking oil reselling business then you need to invest in a cooking oil ATM that will not disappoint you. Probably you are searching where to buy a good a good cooking oil ATM, you have come to the right place.

Where to buy a good cooking oil ATM

If you are wondering who are the best fabricators where you can buy a good cooking oil ATM for your business then you need to get in touch with us. We are experts in making high quality cooking oil ATMs. You can request we make one that fits your needs especially on the storage volume. We make salad oil ATMs of different capacities so that if you want any particular volume you can get one.

Features of our cooking oil ATMs

Comes with password protected PLC

A PLC, short for programmable logic control unit, is an industrial computer that is used for monitoring and sending commands to industrial machines during operations. They come in different forms and computing power depending with use. In our case we use a simple one for helping you key in the amount you want to dispense. It communicates with the pump to tell it how much of salad oil to dispense.

It is also used for calibrating the prices in that you can set the price per litre even odd numeric values. Not only that, it also keeps the sales records so you can retrieve later if you want to do sales reconciliation. Because of these important functions, it’s necessary to have a password to prevent unauthorised persons from altering or manipulating them.

Keeps oil in liquid form even in cold seasons

During cold seasons sometimes oil solidifies although this also depends with the brand. We build our salad oil ATMs with temperature resistant boards that help keep the oil inside at temperatures that make it stay in liquid form. This helps it to flow easily when pumped and doesn’t block the pump of pipes that dispense it.

Customized branding

We brand our cooking oil ATM to make them have a great eye catching appearance. However we are free to customize to your liking if you have your own artwork. In most cases we use our branding template but include your preferred name on the ATM. Feel free to request us to make it as you wish.

Different capacity storage tanks

Our salad ATMs come in different capacities. They range between 20 litres to 200 litres. Feel free to request us to build the capacity you desire.

Where to Buy a Good Cooking Oil ATMWhy buy cooking oil ATMs from us

You get a 1 year warranty

We believe in the quality of our cooking oil ATMs. That is why when you buy one from us we give you a 1 year warranty. You qualify for free servicing in case of a technical fault on the ATM during the warranty period. However note that terms and conditions apply. For example if is determined that it was a deliberate act that caused the fault/damage then this will not be covered by the warranty.

Countrywide delivery

Where you are located in the country should not be a worry that we might not be able to deliver it to you. We have partnered with leading courier services providers with a countrywide reach to enable us deliver it to your doorstep or nearest location to you.

After sale services

When you buy a salad oil ATM from us, we don’t end our relationship with you at the point of sale. We want to ensure that you get maximum returns on your investment. That is why we also offer you after sale service at friendly rates as our customer when you need any servicing even after the warranty period.

We give our customers priority when it comes to offering servicing of the machine if/when needed.

Get in touch with us if you are searching where to buy high quality cooking oil ATMs

Are you searching where to buy a good cooking oil ATM? At Phymac Ltd we are experts in manufacturing high quality cooking oil ATMs. We are located in Ruiru Kihunguro stage.

You can reach us on 0720 900 777 via call, WhatsApp or SMS. You can also send us an email, leave a comment or fill in the contact form. We always respond promptly or soonest possible. We look forward to hearing from you today.

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