Where to Buy Borehole Water Purifiers in Kenya

Where to Buy Borehole Water Purifiers in Kenya

Boreholes have become a necessity these days in Kenya. Unfortunately direct consumption of borehole water is not safe and the need to have a borehole water purifier. In this post we will discuss where to buy borehole water purifiers in Kenya.

The case for boreholes

There is an ever increasing population that stretches the available sources of water for drinking and domestic use. This is seen in most urban areas that are being developed at a high rate. Due to many people migrating to urban areas, the county council water supply is becoming less and less sufficient. In some areas it’s even not connected so many developers and homeowners are opting to sink in boreholes.

Types of borehole water purifiers

There are two main types of borehole water purifiers you can buy. The domestic borehole water purifier or the commercial borehole water purifier.

Domestic borehole water purifier

This is a small version of the borehole water purifier that can be placed in your house like say under the sink. The output of this purifier is small and therefore suitable for just your house needs. Since it is portable it can also be carried when going camping as long as you can get power supply like from a generator. They are also very useful for remote medical services where the medics go to remote places to treat people right where they are like the nomadic communities.

Commercial borehole water purifiers

These are capable of purifying large volumes of water at a shorter time frame. However they also vary with output capacity. Normally they range between 250 litres per hour to 3000 litres per hour. They are more suited for commercial purposes like water vending stations, hotels, hospitals, beverage manufacturing, medicine production, dairy production etc.

Where to buy borehole water purifiers in Kenya

the best borehole water purifiers in KenyaThere are a number of places you can buy the domestic borehole water purifiers especially the imported type. Walk to a water pump outlet in your nearest town and you are likely to find one. On the other hand, there are companies that assemble/fabricate them locally.

As for the commercial water purifiers, you can get them from local assemblers/manufacturers. Phymac Ltd is the leading manufacturer of these machines. Therefore if you have been searching where to buy borehole water purifiers in Kenya, you are at the right place.

Buying from Phyamc you get a few advantages over the rest:

  1. Countrywide delivery- Phymac Ltd has partnered with local courier service providers with a nationwide reach. This helps us deliver the machine at the most convenient address for you.
  2. KEBS standard machines– Phymac Ltd is KEBS certified and therefore the borehole water purifiers you buy from us meet KEBS standards.
  • 1 year warranty- because they meet the highest quality standards as required by KEBS, the purifiers are very durable and give you satisfactory service at peak performance for a long time. We give a 1 year warranty on them once you purchase.
  1. After sale service- After sale service is very important for any machine. During its normal use, there is the general wear and tear. This means that it will need servicing once in a while. As our esteemed client, we are there for you to offer you the service when you need it most.

Searching where to buy borehole water purifiers in Kenya?

Phymac Ltd is the leading manufacturer of commercial borehole water purifiers. Get in touch with us today if you need one via WhatsApp, call, email, contact form or leaving your comment here below. We always respond promptly to your inquiries.

You can also visit our showroom in Ruiru. We are located along Thika super highway next to Shell petrol station Kihunguro stage. See the google map at the footer section.

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