best cooking oil ATMs in Kenya

The Best Cooking Oil ATMs in Kenya

Are you interested in starting a salad cooking oil reselling business or already in one but you don’t have a cooking oil ATM? You have come to the right place because Phymac Ltd is the home to the best cooking oil ATMs in Kenya. We have been in this industry for over 10 years and know how to make high quality salad ATMs.

The best cooking oil ATMs in Kenya

High quality build

In order to produce a high quality cooking oil ATMs, we have to use the right materials and components. We source for the highest quality boards and other components like pumps and PLCs. This ensures that the final product meets the highest quality standards and will serve the client for a long term without issues.

Password protected PLC

A PLC also known as a programmable logic control system is an industrial computer system used for monitoring or sending commands to industrial machinery while at work. They are very adaptable and come in different forms, output capacities and uses.

In our case we use the most suitable PLCs that come with password input. This helps in preventing anyone from tampering with the calibration of prices as well as access to sales data without the password. This is very important if you employ someone to run the business for you especially if it’s a side hustle.

1 year warranty

Since we believe in the quality of our cooking oil ATMs and don’t want to just claim that they are the best cooking oil ATMs in Kenya, we give a 1 year warranty on them. This should give you peace of mind that they will serve you a long time without issues and in case of any technical fault we will take care of it free of charge.

Countrywide delivery

It doesn’t matter which part of Kenya you are in. We have partnered with courier services providers with a nationwide coverage who can deliver to the most convenient pickup up location for you if not at your doorstep.

Option for custom branding

Would you prefer your own branding on the cooking oil ATM? No problem, you can send us your artwork and we have it done on your ATM. Alternatively just request us to use our branding template and just have the name of your business on it. This is the easier and even cheaper option.

Home of the best cooking oil ATMs in Kenya

Are you interested in acquiring a salad ATM for your business? As said earlier, we are the home to the best cooking oil ATMs in Kenya. Get in touch with us today via WhatsApp, call, email, filling the contact us form or leaving your comment on this post. We will get back in touch with you soonest possible if not immediately.



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