Why buy Borehole Water Purifiers From Phymac Ltd

Why buy Borehole Water Purifiers From Phymac Ltd

Reverse Osmosis System is an equipment to purify the saltine water with the action of pressure difference of semi permeable membrane. RO is also effective with asbestos, many taste, color and odor producing chemicals, particulates, total dissolved solids, turbidity and radium.
Reverse Osmosis System can remove large particle, colloid, organic impurity, heavy metal ion, bacteria from water, and it can also remove more than 97% dissolved salt and solid.

Advantages of Our Water Purifying (RO) system:

  • The system can produce water continuously, fully automatic.
    No need chemical to regenerate, easy operation and maintenance.
    Core components of RO system are CNP pump and Vontron RO membranes.
    Automatically switch on when low water level in pure water tank, and switch off when high water level in raw water tank.
    The system will flush RO membranes automatically about 90s, reducing membranes polluted speed.
    Water shortage protection and low pressure protection switch for pumps.
    Conductivity monitor will detect water quality online continuously and show data.
    Water flow meters, pressure gauges, solenoid valves, regulating control valves, control panel are applied in the whole system.
    RO controller makes whole RO system operating automatically.
    Easily control and maintenance.

How Borehole Water is Purified

Raw water tank→ Raw water booster pump→quartz sand filter→activated carbon filter→water softener (optional)→security filter→high pressure pump→RO system→UV sterilizer (optional)→pure water tank

1000L/H Mineral Water Filtration Treatment Machine Reverse Osmosis System RO Drinking Plant Commercial Pure Water Purification Purifier with Price

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