Borehole Water Purifiers

Borehole Water Purifiers

Need for borehole water purifiers

Access to water is a basic right and essential to life. However many areas in Kenya lack this precious commodity. Even in the urban centres and developed parts of our nation, not everyone who can assess clean water for consumption. As a result many have resulted to sinking boreholes to access this water. The problem is this water isn’t still fit for human consumption because it’s saline and has other impurities. The solution therefore to this challenge is installing borehole water purifiers in homes and areas where there are boreholes.

Determining the most suitable borehole water purifiers

It’s not just any borehole water purifier that might be suitable for your needs. You need to first identify the right one based on your needs. Phymac Ltd helps clients determine the most suitable borehole water purifiers based on their needs as well as the state of their borehole water based on lab results.

First determine the status of your water based on lab results.

Before we recommend the most suitable borehole water purifier, we need the lab results to see the composition of minerals, impurities and salinity of your borehole water. This helps us know which filters to include in the purifier. Some waters require a more robust purifier than other because they have higher levels of impurities and/or contaminants and minerals. A common term used to describe these impurities and contaminants is total dissolved solids (TDS).

Determine your usage volume

The next thing we use to determine which borehole water purifier is suitable for you is your usage needs. If you just need it for your domestic consumption like household consumption, then a lower output per hour purifier is what you need. However if you have higher usage needs like farming, industrial purposes, bottling & reselling, then you need high output capacity purifier.

Under this parameter, we have different output capacity water purifiers. The borehole water purifiers are categorized in how many litres of water they are capable of handling per hour. Phymac borehole water purifiers output capacity ranges from 250 litres per hour to 1000 litres per hour.

Contact us for the best borehole water purifiers

Are you in the market for a borehole water purifier? Phymac Ltd is the best manufacturer of high quality borehole water purifiers in Kenya. You can get in touch with us to inquire or place an order for yours today.

If you are not sure which purifier is ideal for you, our technicians are ready and willing to help you make the right choice. Get in touch with us via WhatsApp, call, email, filling the contact us form or leaving a comment. We will get back in touch as soon as possible.


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