best quality water station equipment

Best Quality Water Station Equipment

The quality of equipment and machinery you use is a major determining factor in the success of your business. If you have poor quality equipment it will end up frustrating you and costing you to the point of closing down. This is no different when it comes to water vending business. You need the right equipment that is of high quality. If therefore you are in the market for the best quality water station equipment you are at the right place.

Best quality water station equipment- what you should be looking for

Setting up a water station is not a cheap undertaking like setting up a road side kiosk. You must therefore ensure you are investing your money in high quality equipment that has all the features that best serve your needs. Before you invest in any water station equipment generally look out for the following:

KEBS approved

KEBS is the Kenyan government body responsible for setting the standards for goods/products sold in Kenya. They have set high standards and therefore any equipment you buy that is KEBS approved or manufactured by a company that is KEBS certified you know that the product meets the consumer. Endeavour to see if the manufacturer you are buying from is KEBS certified. The good thing is that Phymac Ltd is KEBS certified. You can buy from us with confidence that the water station equipment is of the best quality that meets KEBS standards.

Made with stainless steel

Stainless steel does not rust. This makes it the best material for manufacturing equipment and items that are used for handling food for human consumption. Which also makes it the right material for manufacturing the best quality water station equipment. Don’t go for water station equipment made with any other material that is not stainless steel. The only exception can be the storage tanks which you can use plastic tanks but if your budget allows, go for stainless steel storage tanks too.

Output capacity

the best borehole water purifiers in KenyaThis is mostly for the water purifiers. The output capacity you go should be determined by how much you expect to sell. If you determine that you will be selling a lot of water then go for one with an output capacity that matches your needs. If you determine that your sales will not be that much especially when starting, you can buy one with a smaller output capacity. One of the best practices we recommend is to have a big storage tank for purified water that you can fill even when you aren’t busy with clients so that even if you happen to have many clients come at once, you are not running out of purified water and needing to first purify some.


A warranty gives you an assurance that you will not incur additional cost of repairing or replacing the equipment or part of it in case of a breakdown that is not your own fault. However note that intentional damage made on the item is not covered. Ensure that you are getting a warranty of at least 1 year on the equipment you are buying.

After sale service

Another very important factor you need to consider before buying a water station equipment is if you will get after sale service. This really helps you not to buy a machine which you can’t use after breakdown. It becomes even worse when the item is an import and no local technicians can handle it. Inquire if the manufacturer offers after sale services. This will relieve you the struggle and headache of finding a qualified technician to do the servicing.

Purification capability

For the water purifiers, it’s good to determine the capability of the water purifier. For example water from the sea, dam or borehole with a lot of salinity needs a more robust water purifier than that which purifies water from the municipal council which is already purified to a certain degree.

Best Quality Water Station Equipment

Get the best quality water station equipment from us

As Phymac Ltd we are experts in making the best quality water station equipment in the market. If you are in need of a whole water vending station with complete set up no problem. Alternatively if you just need part of the equipment we are there for you too. Get in touch with us today to make an order or make inquiry. You can call us, WhatsApp us, email us, fill in the contact us form or leave a message here below.

Alternatively you can visit our showroom in Kihunguro Ruiru next to Shell petrol station Kihunguro. We always respond promptly to your inquiries. Follow the google map as indicated at the bottom of this page.

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