where to buy a good borehole water purifier in Kenya

Where to Buy a Good Borehole Water Purifier

Research shows that a little over 40% of Kenyans don not have access to clean water. According to unicef, 59% of Kenyans have access to safe drinking water which puts the other 40% without. This figure could be higher were it not for boreholes that have been sunk in many urban as centres. However most borehole water is not suitable for drinking or day to day household use and therefore needs to be purified. The question therefore is where to buy a good borehole water purifier for domestic or commercial use?

Where to Buy a Good Borehole Water Purifier

Thanks to the mechanical engineering advancement in Kenya, there are many firms that make or assemble borehole water purifiers. At the same time you can import or buy imported machines for purifying the borehole water which has its disadvantages compared to buying one made/assembled locally. If you are wondering where to buy a good borehole water purifier then you have come to the right place. Phymac Ltd is a market leader in the manufacturing borehole water purifiers for both domestic and commercial use.

Where to Buy Borehole Water Purifiers in KenyaWhy buy borehole water purifier from us

  1. KEBS certified. Phymac Ltd is a KEBS certified manufacturer of borehole water purifiers. This means that our products meet the requirements of KEBS and therefore should serve you as expected. Very few other companies in Kenya are KEBS certified in this field.
  2. 1 year warranty. Inasmuch as we are KEBS certified meaning we meet the high standards they set, we also have some quality standards of our own that we adhere to so as to ensure that our products serve the client optimally for a long time. In light of this we give a 1 year warranty on products you buy from us. This pushes us to stick to the highest quality standards during manufacturing.
  • After sale services. We don’t just sell the product and leave you. We want you to continue enjoying the service of the borehole water purifier you buy from us even if it breaks down or malfunctions. We offer after sale services for such cases. This is what you enjoy for buying locally made/assembled products as opposed to an imported one where you might struggle to get a local technician to fix it. Shipping it back to and fro for repair by the manufacturer can be a very expensive affair.
  1. Countrywide delivery. Another advantage of buying from us is that we ship to all parts of Kenya as well as major town in East Africa. We have partnered with some of the leading courier services providers with a wide East Africa coverage.

Get in touch to order a borehole water purifier

Have you been searching where to buy a good borehole water purifier in Kenya? Phymac Ltd is the best place you can buy a KEBS approved borehole water purifier. Get in touch with us via email, WhatsApp, call, contact form or leaving a message below here.

Other ways of reaching us is by paying us a visit at our showroom in Ruiru Kihunguro bus stage next to Shell petrol station Kihunguro. You can also find us on google or follow the google map pin at the page footer.

We are always ready to respond to your inquiries and we are very prompt. We always respond as soon as possible if not immediately.

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