the best borehole water purifiers in Kenya

The Best Borehole Water Purifiers in Kenya

Water is an essential commodity for life. That is why many settlements that grew into cities started around water bodies. However there are other places where people had to find a way of searching for water underground. In Kenya many urban areas are not connected to municipal water distribution system and therefore the need to sink boreholes. In this post we will discuss where to buy the best borehole water purifiers in Kenya.

Inasmuch as borehole water can be accessed in most places regardless of how deep you sink, in most cases it’s still not good for human consumption because of its salinity and other contaminants. The solution therefore is installing a borehole water purifier. This helps households access clean and safe to drink water for their day to day use.

Where to buy the best borehole water purifiers in Kenya

There are several vendors who deal in these purifiers in Kenya but we want to talk about Phymac Ltd. There are several reasons why Phymac Ltd is a market leader in the best borehole water purifiers in Kenya. Let us look at the below.

The Best Borehole Water Purifiers in KenyaWhy buy from Phymac Ltd

KEBS certified

KEBS is the body mandated by the Kenyan government to set the quality standards of goods and products made in Kenya. Phymac Ltd is KEBS certified which means we have met the necessary requirements to manufacture borehole water purifiers. This keeps us ahead of the rest in the market and you can have the assurance you are buying a borehole water purifier that meets the highest quality standards as required by KEBS.

1 year warranty

Because we believe in the quality of our products, we give a 1 year warranty. This covers you from incurring costs of repair in case of a fault. However it should be noted that deliberate damage by the client is not covered by the warranty.

Free installation & commissioning

We offer free installation/set up of the borehole water purifying system to our clients. If it’s for commercial use we also commission it for you to ensure it is operating as expected and you can start off without any challenges.

Countrywide delivery

Regardless of where you are located in the country we are able to deliver it to you. We have partnered with leading courier services providers with a countrywide coverage so that we can deliver to all customers. If we are not able to deliver to your door step we can have it delivered at the nearest location to you and from there you can organize for local transport to your address.

Get in touch with us today for the best borehole water purifiers in Kenya

If you are in the market for a borehole water purifier you came to the right place. Phymac is the market leader in supply and installation of the best borehole water purifiers in Kenya. You can call us, WhatsApp us, send an email, leave a comment or fill out your details on the contact form. We always respond promptly or as soon as possible.

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