where to buy a good food grade pump

Where to Buy a Good Food Grade Pump

When it comes to the fabrication of equipment like milk ATMs and salad oil ATMs, a pump is one of the most important components. However not all pumps are recommended for these machines especially for milk ATMs. You need a food grade pump. Later in this post we will talk about where to buy a good food grade pump. Before then let’s see what it is.

What is a food grade pump?

A food grade pump is a liquid pumping pump attached to equipment that need to pump liquids like milk, juice etc. It is powered by electric power and normally it is attached to a milk ATM to help pump milk from the storage tank to the dispensing nozzle.

However it has to be connected to a PLC to be able to pump the right amount of milk or the liquid. It receives commands from a PLC which is a computerized mechanical module used for industrial purposes to monitor and send commands to industrial equipment and machinery.

Features of a good food grade pump

Compatible with different PLCs

One of the main aspects you must consider before buying a PLC is it’s compatibility with different types and brands of PLCs. This is very important because it helps avoid incurring extra cost of buying an extra pump in case you replace a PLC.

Ability to interpret and speedily respond to all commands from the PLC with accuracy

Since the PLC is responsible for sending commands to the other components of an industrial machinery and in this case the pump, it’s very important that the pump is able to understand and execute those commands with accuracy. For example if you key in odd numbers on the PLC, to determine amount of milk you need to dispense, the pump should be able to pump out exactly that amount. If it can’t, it might lead to losses or you not giving the customer exactly what they paid for which is dishonesty.


A good pump should be durable. Not those that get spoilt after a few runs. Since it is a very critical component it should last and serve you well. If you go for the cheap stuff that easily gets spoilt you will be experiencing business interruptions on a regular basis which can drive away clients.

Easy to clean

Another very important aspect to consider is how easy it is to clean the pump. When it comes to products like milk, hygiene must be kept at the highest level. This is because milk is a highly perishable product and attracts easy formation of bacteria along passages where milk passes. The best pumps are self-cleaning so if you can get one that is self-cleaning then that is what you should go for.

Where to buy a good food grade pump

If you are in the market for a good quality food grade pump then Phymac Ltd is your solution. We sell the best food grade pumps in the market.

Why buy food grade pumps from us

Kenya Dairy Board approved food grade pumps

Our pumps meet Kenya Dairy boards standards. This means that you will not get in trouble if their filed agents come for inspection. Not only that, you are assured that they will not contaminate your milk.

Best quality in the market food grade pumps

We sell the best quality food grade pumps in the market. You can count on our pumps for durability and top performance. Since we have been in this sector for a long time, we know how to tell the right pumps. You can trust us on this.

1 year warranty

Ours is not just a word of mouth claiming we deal with the best food grade pumps, we offer you a 1 year warranty on the pump.

For high quality a good food grade pumps get in touch with us today

Have you been searching where to buy a good food grade pump? You have come to the right suppliers of top quality food grade pumps that meet international standards. Get in touch with us today to order one or inquire more about our pumps.

Reach us via email, call, WhatsApp, contact form or even leaving a comment on this post.

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