What do you need to start a salad oil ATM business

What do you need to start a salad oil ATM business

High Quality Salad ATM

Buy a high quality salad ATM from trusted companies. Phymac Ltd being the best in producing the best quality Salad TM, we are the best option.

A salad ATM is fitted with a PLC that is used to calibrate the prices say how much a litre should cost. This acts as the basis of howWhat do you need to start a salad oil ATM business much each amount of money can buy a volume of oil.

The PLC also has a password which prevents unauthorized persons from tampering with price settings or sales records. For this reason even if you have employed someone, they can’t manipulate sales records or prices and you can therefore be able to do accurate sales reconciliation.

Reliable supplier of high quality salad oil

In any business that deals with physical products, suppliers can make or break your business. It is therefore very important that you identify a reliable source of your stock.

You can buy from a wholesaler, a distributor or if possible the manufacturer. Go for whoever gives you an affordable price but also quality and they are reliable.

Good Location

For this type of business which is basically a retail business dealing with walk-in clients, you need to be located where there’s good foot traffic. A good location is in a shopping center or near residential houses where clients can easily come buy the oil as they buy other items. Being near a residential location also helps you capture clients who run out of cooking oil unexpectedly even at night.

The other thing to ensure is that the business premises is connected with electricity. This is because the salad oil ATM uses electricity to run.

Business permits

The other thing to ensure its in place is a business permit if you are operating the business as a standalone business. However if you are adding the cooking oil ATM to an existing shop you don’t need an extra license for it.

Order your cooking oil ATM from us today

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