Mama pima Oil dispenser -50L


Has stainless steel body , which is food grade .
Has a 50L capacity holding tank.
Has a thermostat to ensure oil is liquid even at extreme temperatures

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Mama pima Cooking oil atm -50L (salad atm 50L )

  • Low power consumption.
    *Hi-Tech & Easy to use PLC.
    *High quality self priming and food-grade pump.
    *Password Protected.
    *Stainless steel.
    *Stainless steel holding tank of capacity 50L
    *Keeps daily sales records.
    *Can sell from as low as 10sh.
    *Highly accurate and precise.
    *Heating mechanism to ensure oil doesn’t solidify in severe temperatures.
    *Custom made branding that suit your taste and style.
    *Low noise operation.
    *Accredited by National food and safety authority & KEBS.
    *Has wheels for mobility.
    *Comes with FREE advertising banner.


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